My Very First Post


This is my first launching post in my years of blogging time. Back then I gave up my hobby as I always forget the password. But here again… trying to start my hobby again, not just to keep something as memories but also to post my experience which i wish will useful to all.

So, my current website is Can’t wait to have many stories with you….

I will not to abide myself with niche but yeah…I was trying to be more selective this time. What I mean about selective is that I hope to be more focus on what I want to write.

Back then, there is so many posts that I wrote. But I feel that my writing is not so good, neither in grammar nor content. I need to improve my ability to write something good and exciting at the same time. But more than that, I need to write something more honest. Something that I write based on my experience, my pov, my feeling, and my dream.

post on

First thing first, I always stuck with visuals. I always spend more time just to pick up theme or template. It’s kinda wasting my time but overall I always enjoy this routine. Let’s see what kind of journey that this blog will be through.




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